Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First ever.

My sister first got me interested in blogs. I have enjoyed reading the thoughts, feelings, ideas, admissions, and daily events of people--often living similar lifestyles to my own (read: teacher) and others, unlike me, who are enjoying great milestones in their lives (read: newlyweds, new moms, experienced moms) and allowing us--strangers--a peek into their lives. Maybe that's why I enjoy reality shows about families--Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Table for 12--family soap operas really.

In high school I enjoyed documenting the important feelings, events, ideas and questions that occupied my mind and time in Live Journal and have only recently taken a peek back and really enjoyed reliving those fun-filled weekends, remembering the high school drama and happily leaving it there, and stressful college nights of papers, deadlines, work hours and Late Night dining.

As I plan a wedding, plan a future, continue my career as a third grade teacher, and, as a cheap form of therapy, fulfill my desire to improve the quality of life, one cupcake, at a time, let this be my diary, my journal, my notepad--a chronicle of my life--the way I see it.

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