Friday, June 24, 2011

downtown, cupcakes, and a whole lot of mud

With school over, I have a bit more free time....

Wednesday was spent in the city with Sarah. After we shopped 'till we dropped, we dined at the amazing
Sam LaGrassa's.

Met the flower girls for some catching up and gossip at
Zack's Pizza.

Thursday I met Justin for a lunch date at Fallon. That afternoon I whipped up a batch of chocolate cupcakes for Christopher as a belated birthday treat. (His request was for chocolate cupcakes with a hockey theme.)

That night we celebrated the end of school and a pay raise at
Wicked in Legacy Place with the girls and their respective boys.

Friday was spent doing camp prep and unpacking the new order. That night we set up the new fire pit and fired up s'mores with Joe and my parents.

Saturday morning was spent at a camp meeting and our lunch plans at Castle Island got postponed because of the overcast.

Sunday was the
Warrior Dash in Amesbury and it was a blast! We trekked a 3 mile course through thick mud, maneuvered around barbed wire, tire swings, leapt fire, and climbed 15 foot walls. I can't wait to get a big team together for next year.

before--nice and clean

climbing down the first of two walls

putting our best foot forward

about to cross the finish line

And that was "vacation." Ready or not, here comes camp...

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