Thursday, August 13, 2009

August already

It's hard to believe August is nearly half over. Summers are usually leisurely and relaxing but boy, have I been busy, busy, busy.

Of course, I wish I had spent more time on school prep, organization and mentally transitioning into third grade mode but its hard when dinner dates, country concerts (Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, and Kenny Chesney), weddings, wedding planning and gym visits get in the way. Speaking of the gym--I've lost 10 pounds. =) Feeling better and eager to keep it up. =)

I will get to school work in the coming days but right now, I am trying desperately to live in the present--enjoy my first night in in awhile and take a deep breath and relax. =)

Last weekend was a college roommate's bachelorette party and it felt really nice to have the six of us together again--on the same continent, in the same country and even in the same house.

There was baking involved--of course. There was a purple and metallic color scheme going on:

I purchased the flower cupcake tray from the Crate and Barrel Outlet a month or so ago and didn't have much luck with it. The small cupcakes with pink decorators sugar are the ones baked in the flower pan. I'll need to experiment again with it.

Leslie did a fine job with the small details all the while alternating jellybeans to form the bride's first initial. =) Kudos.

So happy to have Leslie here with us this weekend. I missed her. Truly. I guess I didn't quite realize how much until this past weekend when we were able to catch up some more, gab, gossip and just get each other. I selfishly want her in Boston. She's comfort, she's therapy, she's a sounding board, she's paparazzi when you need her and she has offered some "first dance" song suggestions I love!

We had such a nice time catching up, celebrating and enjoying each other's company and it left us yearning for our next reunion--this weekend's wedding. Excited to get some wedding ideas myself this weekend. Loved the bachelorette party invite/bar list ::hint: :hint:: :

Another roommate's wedding is a few weeks before ours and I am nervous dates (bridal showers and bachelorette parties) will coincide given that we are limited in weekends with Leah coming home from abroad, July 4th weekend etc. But--its too early to worry about that.

Movie date tomorrow night with J and Steve--"my big brother" and then Country Fest with some good-looking country girls all day Saturday and then wedding Sunday. Exciting weekend!

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