Thursday, August 20, 2009

winding down

The summer is winding down.

Friday was the last day of camp and its goodbye crafts, trashy tv, summer weddings and hellllo third grade. =)

I am trying to hold on to every last bit of summer I can. And gosh, its hard!

As a bit of a last hoorah of the summer, Justin and I embarked on stop #1 of our aptly named Cupcake Crawl. I say "ours" when really, its my passion for cupcakes and his willingness to go along with me (and his love for canollis) that makes it "ours-"and anyone else who cares to join us on our quest for cute, darling, whimsical cupcake creations!

We drove to Hoboken, NJ (four hours without too much traffic) to check out Carlo's Bake Shop--the site of CAKE BOSS on TLC.

We scouted out the place Sunday and stayed in Newark Sunday night.

After a delectable continental breakfast we formally embarked on the bakery Monday morning. And, much to our surprise, we met Buddy Valastro--THE Cake Boss. I was obviously a fan before meeting him in person but this chance meeting (he normally isn't in the shop on Mondays) put him high above the rest. =)

What a weekend! =)

Wednesday its back in the classroom to unpack and get ready for the kiddies. I am eager to uncover more teacher blogs to get the creative juices flowing again!

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