Friday, September 25, 2009

Harvest window clings and another Fabulous Friday

I feel like I am in the honeymoon phase. I STILL love my kids and feel great about what is going on in the classroom.

Today we ended with a fun Social Studies activity. Seems easy enough, right?

Not last year. It wasn't possible. The kids could not handle it. Too chatty, too needy, too far from independent.

This afternoon, after a review of place value which we started yesterday, which may or may not be a challenge, we transitioned back into Social Studies. Students got to choose 6 of the state's symbols and draw and color them. I would love to use these as part of their Massachusetts Pizza Box project--still planning it out in my head.

One afternoon this week I ventured to Building 19 (B19 to regulars) and I discovered lots of festive supplies and decorations. I purchased 4 harvest-themed window clings, put them up yesterday and a glance at them during an English lesson or Math instruction just make me smile because

a) they're from B19...
b) it's fall...
c) I realize just how lucky I am to have my VERY own classroom where I can display such window clings.

While I know there are stressful, crazy, busy, troubling days ahead--as there are in any classroom-- I can say that this year has already seemed much simpler and easier than last year. I had to survive the storm, to see the rainbow. =)

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