Sunday, October 18, 2009

a rainy, snowy Sunday

Third grade has been busy, and stressful. Thankfully, my principal's door is ALWAYS open and I have been able to chat with her about approaches to balancing all subjects effectively.

I can't do it ALL. What's important is quality over quantity--words I repeat to myself often.

Last week was a short review week before unit tests and formal writing of personal narratives. I compared their baseline fluency checks to their Unit 1 checks and 18 of 19 students have improved. I love to see that. =) (And, oh yeah, the heat was finally turned on in the school--and what a difference it makes!)

This week is a 5 day week but Thursday and Friday are half days for parent-teacher conferences--always a lot of work and a bit intimidating. Oh, and Picture Day and the Bake Sale is also Thursday. Oy.

I definitely feel more well-prepared for conferences as I have been good about logging grades as they have come in. . .

Next weekend, post conferences, cannot come soon enough.

In other news,

We got a puppy yesterday! We had been searching for a rescue dog online for a few weeks. Justin found Ellie online Wednesday night and by Thursday morning, we had completed the application, had a phone interview, spoken to the foster mom in Tennessee and were scheduled to pick her up in New Hampshire Saturday morning!

Friday afternoon we picked up a crate, comfy bed, leash, collar, and Patriots dog tag. After a country concert with the MOH/sister, I enjoyed a gossip-filled sleepover on Beacon Street and Justin picked me up in the morning to get the pup.

After a quiet, calm ride down to Brookline, Ellie was introduced to her aunt back on Beacon Street. Next, she met her grandparents and cousin in Randolph. She even got a turkey treat! We brought her home and she enjoyed lounging on the couch until her other grandmother and great aunt and great uncle came by with more toys and treats! She got a bit sick from all the changes and nerves but she had a pretty good evening. She whimpered a bit when we set her to bed in the crate but after a few minutes of loving, she settled down to sleep. She has also been great about going to the bathroom outside and only barked at the cats outside. She follows us around the house and is making herself very comfortable around 16 Meadow Lane.

Cupcakes have just come out of the oven for "Soup Day" tomorrow...

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