Friday, January 29, 2010

How has it been nearly 2 months since I've last written!?

A lot has happened in the months of December and January since the last post.

After a second stroke shortly after Christmas, Nana's health began to fail. While she was breathing on her own, she had become unresponsive. Fortunately, we had been able to see her the day after Christmas, show her some of my gifts and chat with her a bit. The second stroke came a few days later. Justin, Sarah and I went the day after New Years Day and joined my mom at Baystate. Nana did not like like herself, yet she was clearly at peace. We talked to her, held her hand, and reminded her how much we loved her.

She passed away on January 5th. I never imagined life without Nana. Life without calls to her in the afternoon, visits to Springfield for the day or weekend, sending my classroom's newsletter each week. I saw her on August 8, 2010 so happy for Justin and I.

While she will not be physically present on that day, her presence will surely be felt. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have shared the wedding dress shopping experience with her. She loved Justin so much.

The service at her Church later that week began on a somber note but quickly became a celebration of her life, achievements and the friendships she acquired and maintained over her 87 full, long years.

The love, support and warm words from friends and colleagues over the past few weeks has been so meaningful and powerful.

Life will not be the same without Nana but she is now with Papa, dancing the night away. =)

Commencement 2007

The following weekend was a do-it-yourself wedding favor workshop I went to at Paper Source with a few of my bridesmaids. That was where the second-guessing of the color scheme first began. I originally thought green and pink would be it. However, It was at Paper Source where I began to see and consider some other options. I think I am beginning to settle on navy and pink--a Vineyard Vine kind of feel. The green and pink became too common and I'm not a common type of gal. the navy will be nice to accent the light blues of Cohasset Harbor and a pink will be a nice accent against the navy. I will be able to tie in the green in the flowers ad bouquets. These images in particular have really been inspiration for this color scheme.

We had our food at Atlantica a few weeks ago and the food was outstanding. We met with a possible wedding officiant last night and he seemed like a perfect fit. Next weekend is our cake tasting--mmm!

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