Monday, December 21, 2009

December happenings

I need to get better at updating. So much happens in between posts and I don't want to forget a thing!

Shortly after my last post, Nana suffered a stroke. Luckily, she is improving everyday and I pray for her. My mom has been visiting every weekend because, while she is getting better, she is not ready for independent living and must remain at the rehab center.

Sarah surprised me for my birthday and Justin, Sarah and I met my parents in Randolph for a most delicious birthday dinner at Not Your Average Joes. One of my students baked a batch of cupcakes for me and the very sweet aide assigned to my class had the students sign a card for me as well.

The following weekend after a much-productive morning of shopping, Justin's cousins joined us for an afternoon/evening/morning of video game playing only breaking for meals and sleep. =)

We all met in Agawam Saturday for a family Chrismukkah celebration at Nana's rehab center and I am so glad we were able to. There is no match to time together with family. Nana's stroke and news of unfortunate events and losses remind us that all we have is today. It's too bad it takes things like this to remind us of that precious fact. I felt spoiled with the multitude of gifts I received--cute tees, sexy tops, cupcake paraphanelia, cookie cutters, a muffin pan, tank tops, sweatpants, socks, dish towels, ornaments, reflecting dog stickers, wooden plaques and a dvd. Oy.

Saturday night, after a delicious dinner at Chef Changs, I met Becca for Christopher's hockey game at Fenway--very cool! We topped off the evening with a few beers at Game On! and Our House--the sponsor of his team.

Sunday was scheduled to be my birthday brunch at Fireside Grille but with the nearly 2 feet of snow we received, I was forced to postpone it until January. . .

Tonight a very good friend of mine from BC, also my sophomore year roommate, is coming by to visit and meet Ellie since she is home with her fiance for the holidays. I am very much looking forward to seeing her.

Break is two days away and I am looking forward to sleeping in, spending time with family, [visiting a corneal specialist to determine the status of my eye ulcer once again] tackling some long-term third grade projects, and baking--of course.

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