Monday, March 29, 2010

weekends that zipppp on by

I always look to the weekends to catch up on work, cleaning, DVR'd episodes, wedding stuff, and...blogging! Yet somehow, Friday night naps on the couch turn in to busy Saturdays streaming into Saturday evening festivities which undoubtedly, in the wee hours, turns into Sunday and with Sunday comes correcting, grading, logging and a well-deserved mid-afternoon lunch date/ grocery trip. And there goes the weekend.

In baking news, for St Patrick's Day I experimented and created a batch of Thin Mint cupcakes. Using a very simble Devil's Food cake mix, I sprinkled in crushed Thin Mints. I tinted the Rich & Creamy cupcakes a light green, topped each cupcake with half a Thin Mint cookie and sprinkled Thin Mint cookie crumbs on top.

For Sarah's 26th birthday, Leah and I teamed up. Leah was behind ALL the inspiration and design. I merely frosted. The final product....

Last weekend, I dined with Katie--one of my best friends/former roommate at BC--in Bellingham. It is always nice to catch up over dinner and drinks. A stop at the outlets on the way home, scored some nice spring clothes.

The next morning the Yoffe girls attended Auburndale's book sale. As in the past, we arrived early, fought the crowds and landed some sweet deals. A few of my favorites were nonfiction titles about Boston's Subway system, animal defenses to go along with our unit on animal adaptations and Shel Silverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends."

After a most lovely birthday lunch for Sarah at Vinny Ts, I subsequently napped before attending Zachary's middle school rendition of "Beauty and the Beast." The play was in Freetown and, trying to "do it all," we had hoped to make it into the city for Sarah's birthday celebration. Regretfully, we didn't make it but I am excited to make it up to her this weekend. Sunday Justin and I tackled our wedding registry at Crate and Barrel. What am I most excited about you ask...

He got the scanner and I got to browse and point. :)

Last weekend I also invested in a number of Wilton baking supplies such as. . .

and one more I am quite excited about (courtesy of Amazon Prime and sweet speedy service--thank ya babe)....

In third grade news, MCAS: Reading is over which is a sigh of relief. Day 1 went considerably smoother than Day 2. To start out, I had two students out sick the second day of testing. On top of that, one girl wasn't feeling great and visited the nurse's office before testing began. Approximately 20 minutes in, however, she rushed over to me, lips pursed, confessing she felt as though she were to throw up. And that she did. Thinking on my feet, I sent her to the nurse immediately (making the executive decision that a nurse's pass was unnecessary in this situation) and quietly called the nurse asking her to request that Mr. Smith come down to the room and as discreetly as possible clean up the orange juice puddle by the door--all while a class of 8 year olds are busily taking their first ever standardized test. Oy.

Leading up to the test, we had prepared so much and done so many practice passages. It was nice to see questions the students could be comfortable and confident answering.

Third grade has been considerably smoother compared to last year. Not a day goes by when I do not feel incredibly grateful for the well-behaved, engaged, eager, very smart students I have this year. Activities I only dreamed of doing last year run so smoothly this year.

Friday, also Good Friday, becomes Better Friday, because it is a day off , kicking off a long weekend and I will be spending it in the city--visiting Momma in her new office! That evening, Justin and I will excitedly double-date to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

Sunday we will spend Easter in Freetown and I will politely pass the leavened rolls and merely admire the cookies, cupcakes and leavened goodies, as a good Jew should.

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