Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sweet treats

Easter and this week's festivities has brought a number of reasons to bake.

Last week I baked a batch of cupcakes for the Memorial Park staff--Easter themed. I used marshmallow bunnies and Easter m&ms as decorative treats.

For Easter dinner in Freetown, I chose to adopt a cupcake decorating idea found at Disney on to a cake instead--knowing the crowd of hungry guests would not be large. The end result "carrot" cake (using the new checkerboard cake pans) as an ode to Peter Rabbit.

A late in the day request for a dessert for Erica's bbq at her new home in Northborough led me to whip up a batch of peanut butter cup brownie cupcakes. In part because they were quickly shuffled from the cupcake pan to a serving platter to the car, an opportunity for a photo was unlikely. Not to worry though, they went over veryy well--more so than some of my other brownies--so they will reappear in the near future.

As a means to garner Walk for Hunger pledges, Thursday night I whipped up a batch of peas and carrot cupcakes. Unfortunately, it was a teacher's 50th birthday and a cake was ordered for her. My timing wasn't ideal as many cupcakes remained at the end of the day given that a cake was also available to the hungry staff, yet I did earn several generous pledges.

With a jam-packed weekend and house guests arriving in the next few hours, wedding planning will take a temporary back seat until next weekend when we hope to meet with a travel agent, florist and decide on invitations.

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