Friday, October 22, 2010

Time flies and nearly two months pass when...'re a married lady. are asked to host a SmartBoard Share for teachers.

....much of your time in and out of the classroom is spent establishing precious relationships and essential routines within the first few weeks of teaching a new group of bright, and eager students. have set a goal to write your first grant for your school--and do it. become a nurse/therapist/psychologist/role model to 17 inspiring minds. establish a pen pal exchange for your students that has them truly engaged and writing for an authentic purpose. are asked to become the newest member of your school council.

....your school adopts a new math program. venture out west for some quality sister time in the apple orchards of New Salem. have good company, good food, and football. visit a best friend across the miles over a long weekend. begin a married tradition of Friday night dinners of oven-roasted chicken. spend weekend afternoons at DSW, TJ Maxx and Macys with Mom. spend endless hours searching for SmartBoard notebooks to use with your brand new Smartboard. re-orient your entire classroom and student desk arrangement to maximize on SmartBoard usage. spend 13 hours in school one day for data meetings, parent-teacher conferences and tackling long-term projects and feel so accomplished after. challenge yourself every day to create a home-away-from-home for students whose alternate is at times unstable and meek. bake as therapy.

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