Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First post as Mrs. Mack

The end of June, July and August seemingly flew by with the start and finish of my reign as Arts and Crafts queen at camp. August brought wedding preparation--out-of-town guest bags, bridal party gifts, final meetings and confirmations with the event coordinator, entertainment, florist, baker, and JP. On the crafty front, I made our placecards, table numbers, menus, and favors myself and loved them all. Pictures will be posted in the next post.

The wedding was beautiful, and I am very eager to see the hundreds of pictures from our amazing photographer. T-minus 6 days until we see some of them! After vows, pictures, squeezing in a few bites of dinner and dessert, we hit the dance floor--waving to boaters down below.

After a quick change into something a bit more comfortable, we headed to the beaches of Nantasket with family from Chicago not familiar with the rushing waves and tide that is the Atlantic Ocean. After some delicious seafood, we ventured down the boardwalk to Fantastic (?) where skiball meets BINGO. The night ended back at the Cohasset Harbor Resort after a nightcap at a bar on the boardwalk.

We were off to Bermuda the next morning after a short delay due to maintenance work on the plane originally intended for our travels.

The week was spent snorkeling, kayaking, swimming in the pool, private beach or relaxing poolside and in the hot tub. We visited 2 crystal caves outside of our resort and ventured into the 2 caves in our resort--one of which we swam in!

We visited St. George's and the stocks, Hamilton and Front Street, took a ferry to Royal Naval Dockyard for the Glassblowing Company and demonstration as well as the Bermuda Rum Cake Company. We also swam at the islands top 2 ranked beaches--Horseshoe Bay and Tobacco Bay. When your toughest decision involves choosing between whether you would rather have a strawberry margarita or strawberry daiquiri delivered to you in the pool by your appeasing husband...you know you are living the life.

All in all, we ate, drank, lounged, and enjoyed an amazing honeymoon.

Our return to the states brought a few days to unpack, settle in, and begin thank you notes!

Last week, after an afternoon of lunch and discovering the Nordstrom Rack with a girlfriend, Justin and I enjoyed our first Red Sox game as a married couple--how crazy!

We also enjoyed a lovely rainy Sunday lunch downtown with two other couples at North 26 as part of Restaurant Week. My lovely husband also joined me in a Lakeshore trip after lunch for a few more book bins and classroom supplies. He's great. :)

Now it's back to the classroom--the kids start next Tuesday! Yesterday I tackled the bulletin boards which were a feat in and of itself. (It is nearly impossible to cover such large boards with not-so fadeless paper single-handedly. Glad that's over.) I have also been working on a Smart Board share/workshop I will be presenting tomorrow to interested teachers at my school. How grown up! My favorite classroom-related purchase of the week has been the cutest school-themed fabric to cover the writing table with. Its black, white and has cute clip art on it including "Pick me! Pick me!" written in "chalk."

I am attempting to return to my gym routine to burn off those honeymoon pounds and perhaps prepare for a 5K in September (?)....

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