Monday, January 31, 2011

a snowy, snowy month

Having received over 50 inches of snow in the last two months, the Boston area sure has seen its sharing of snow! My school has had 3 snow days already, and today was an early-release. Oy!

All the snow has given me opportunities to tackle some long term projects, (book labels, center activities, reading comprehension games) baking, (see below) blogging (on a sister --literally--site at ) and catching up on DVR.

Early in January, the girls and I went out for dinner at Jacob Wirth's before a drag burlesque in Boston called Jacques--quite entertaining.

one of the "ladies"

The following weekend, I met Sarah in Harvard Square to catch up over dinner. Cambridge 1 was delicious. The next day, after tutoring a girl for the MTELs, Mom and I ventured over to David's Bridal to choose a bridesmaid dress for RO's July wedding. Here's what I chose!

Justin and I began looking at houses and we have seen a few we are interested in. They seem to be going quite quickly. As soon as we see a property we like, we find out from the realtor that it is already "under agreement." So the search continues this weekend.

We also celebrated a good friend's birthday at The Half Door in Quincy in late January. (The birthday girl was also a flower girl of mine at our wedding.)

As an ode to the very snowy month we have endured, I whipped up these for the staff at school.

Last week, the other bridesmaids and I were chatting about bachelorette party plans for RO and a few cities were thrown around--as her bridal party spans the country. Final decision: Vegas in March at the Venetian. It will surely be a pricey weekend but a blast I'm sure.

For Soup Day at school, I experimented with a cupcake idea from Hello Cupcake! --spaghetti and meatballs. I was really impressed with how they came out and am eager to try a new design next time!



finished products

This past weekend, in addition to Justin's work holiday party where I had the opportunity to meet many of his coworkers at a Roaring 20s themed party, we also ventured up to Woburn where he purchased another firearm. Gosh, it makes him so happy. He could talk about them for hours. And I could listen on intently, for hours, wishing I understood, even remotely. :)

Also this month, Leah was offered a position through Teach for America in Memphis--and she accepted! I know it's going to be an incredible opportunity for her, and I look forward to helping her any way I can!

Speaking of teaching, life in the classroom has been going well and we've been having some fun! I have a few great Groundhog Day activities I hope to do with the class this week. The potential for a snow day tomorrow and an early release for professional development scheduled for Thursday don't bode well for all that I hope to do with them. My observed lesson last week went very well I thought. I was able to incorporate the Smartboard in the lesson to add an interactive element to our lesson on animals and their "sixth sense" before a natural disaster occurs.

I have found some other great blogs--mostly written by moms--and some by teachers, and others avid bakers--just like me! I've also been hitting the gym 5x a week switching up workouts between the elliptical and treadmill. Last week paid off on the scale--down 2 (holiday binging--eat whatever is in sight) pounds. Here's to hoping this week is equally successful!

We ordered photo Valentine's Day cards last night and I can't wait to pop them in the mail this week! :)

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