Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the Fast Lane


Last Friday night Dad, Sarah, I enjoyed Matt Nathanson, Little Big Town, and Sugarland in concert at the Comcast Center.

Early the next morning I ran my first 5K with Memorial Park teachers. By no means did I race per se, but I finished it!

That night I headed to Northborough for a bbq. Sunday we spent the day working on the house some more and taking the last of the boxes out of Bridgewater.

Last night, I met Becca at Hingham Shipyard (my new favorite place) for dinner and a $5 movie--Bridesmaids.


We just got back from date night at Panera. We have been so busy the past few weeks, it was nice to be out--just the two of us.


My class is Skyping in with their Pennsylvanian pen pals tomorrow at one.

Writing class is over tomorrow night.

Leah's see-you-soon dinner is Friday night.

Baking and girly fun scheduled for Saturday.

Triple date with my favorite bride-to-be in the North End Saturday night.

Long weekend ahead...

Math coaching class ends next Thursday.

Third grade is winding down. . .

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