Sunday, May 29, 2011


Thank Goodness for Long Weekends

There truly are not enough hours in the day to complete my ongoing, never-ending to do list.
In a concerted effort to complete more tasks on my to do list, I have been staying up later and later--and I sure have been feeling it. The house gets awfully warm too, so we are looking forward to the days after our air conditioners are installed. I have recently discovered a Dunkin Donuts I conveniently pass on my way to work, and not only are they friendly, they have never served me a coffee I have been dissatisfied with! Some days, it's the small things that count the most...

On Thursday my class Skyped with their pen pals and while some were a bit nervous once they were "screen to screen" with their pen pal, I think it was a valuable and memorable experience for all of them. That night was my last writing class, and while it was time-consuming (class meetings, creating lesson plans, writing reflections, and creating a portfolio) it may have been one of the most beneficial classes I have ever taken.

That night after picking up a few more teacups for RO's shower, a flat tire changed our evening plans. Instead of a quiet night in of teacup cupcake experimenting, Justin met me while the punctual, friendly AAA serviceman switched the tires. We ended a long day at Texas Roadhouse with an iced cold beer and
frozen strawberry margarita.

Friday night Mom, Dad, Sarah, Leah, Matt, Justin, and I dined at the
Stockyard restaurant in Brighton for Leah's see-you-soon dinner. The food and the company were fabulous. I look forward to our next family meal--be it north or south of the Mason Dixon line. :)

Late Friday night and early Saturday morning was spent prepping for RO's surprise shower at
All Things Tea in Plymouth. I created teacup cupcakes for a dessert favor.

Last night, Justin and I triple dated with RO, her fiance Adam and another couple in the North End. We drank and dined at
La Famiglia Giorgio's on Salem Street.

In appropriate fashion, our evening ended with sweets from
Modern Pastry.

Leah left this morning for Teach for America induction in Memphis. While I will miss her terribly, I hope Skype, phone calls, pen paling and blogging will help us remain in the best of touch. xoxo

After a viewing of
Mean Girls, so kindly downloaded from my tech savvy husband, I will write a case study and analysis on bullying and enjoy another day off tomorrow!


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