Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bucket List Complete and a Grammar Freebie!

I just finished my Summer Bucket List, a Pinterest DIY idea found here. One of my goals has been to finally get in gear and start sharing and selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. I have been a TPT fanatic since the fall and have a gazillion centers, posters, and games to print, cut, mat, laminate, and organize that I have recently found and fell in love with.


So....with that being said... Third Grade Cupcakes at Teachers Pay Teachers is now open for business! Patience is requested as I get a feel for it..downloads, screenshots, thumbnails, linking, and badges are things I must learn...and soon!

Enjoy my first, of many, freebies! May I Have a Word With You was a fun activity and review for the four types of sentences. Students got to choose which statement, command, question, or exclamation applied to which celebrity. Click on the image to go to the download.

A favorite of mine was a command spoken to Justin Bieber--"You must get a haircut."

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