Friday, May 18, 2012

18 days...

I've significantly caught up on my Google Reader from 500+ down to 200+ so much that I feel that I can breathe, update, and return to my teacher blog-hopping again soon. It's addicting and so fabulous. I've found so many amazing freebies, units, printables, it's hard to keep the excitement to myself. (Promise I'll share some of my favorites in the next post!)

The last few weeks have consisted of a whole lot of tweeting, crafting, and baking! (That about sums it up!)
 chocolate decadence Take 1
 chocolate decadence Take2

 Marathon Monday cupcakes

 lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

 purple cow cupcakes

s'more cupcakes

We've done more housework in the past two weeks than we have in quite some time, and it's a good feeling. We re-painted the two bedrooms upstairs and I came home from work today to new light fixtures in our bedroom and a new ceiling! Big things!

We have another jam-packed weekend that kicks off in a few hours...

Tonight we have a double date at a hibachi grill in Marshfield. Tomorrow morning we're running the Abington Police Department's 5K. Heather comes over post-race to experiment with a few cocktail recipes and some baking...before Paint Bar with the ladies at work at night.

Sunday is my Stella and Dot party and then Leah and I are baking 150 mini cupcakes for Cupcake Camp!


Picture overload in the next post!

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