Saturday, December 15, 2012

A long-awaited post with BIG NEWS

I'm embarrassed that it's been this long since a post. But it's worth it. I promise.

Between launching Reader's Workshop, launching Writer's Workshop, understanding the new Common Core standards, meeting the requirements for the new teacher evaluation system, presenting Web 2.0 tools to a packed crowd at the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators conference at Gillette in October, staying on top of my growing Google Reader count, and incorporating many new TPT activities and goodies into my class, life in Room 16 has been NON-STOP.

Not to mention, we're having a baby! :)

Amid the baby excitement, there has been much to celebrate.

 Last weekend included a delicious dinner at Hooters with the hubs, Sarah, Dan, and some best girl friends, a day in the city with my mother-in-law to celebrate her November birthday with handbag-designing, lunch and cupcakes on Newbury Street, some quality time with Leah (and a sleepover), a birthday brunch with favorites at Cheesecake Factory, and a family birthday celebration with homemade cake and ice cream. Yum!

No rest for the weary-- family dinner last night, a birthday dinner for a friend at Lolita's (tapas, pop-rocks covered cotton candy...) tonight, the Jingle Bell 5K tomorrow morning, a girl friend's ornament/beer Yankee Swap party tomorrow!

Excited for this week in third grade. I've got Holidays Around the World and some creative ways to meet the standards all while promoting the holiday spirit! (Composing tweets from Santa Claus and Dan the Dreidel's point of view? You bet!

4 days until our school's holiday party...
5 days until we see our sweet babe again in an ultrasound...
6 days until our family holiday extravaganza...
and 6 days until school vacation and time for wrapping, gifting, and a whole lot of nesting!

Time to hit the gym-- we've got 6 weddings and I have a whole lot of dresses to fit into in 2013!

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