Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blogs, Books, and Baby

How do fabulous teacher bloggers stay up-to-date reading teacher blogs, create such fabulous lessons and units, and blog so regularly?

I recently started a new technology course, have been working tirelessly with our state's DESE in my application for my professional license (I've met all the requirements, but they want specific paperwork that has been a guessing game until this week.), co-presenting at our district's School Committee meeting for Curriculum Corner next week (on using Twitter in the classroom), and have been spending uber amounts of time in the classroom organizing files and rearranging centers and supplies to make room for our three new classroom computers (!), work on a ReadBox display for our school's library (Pinterest-inspired and shown below) and working on printing, cutting, matting, laminating, and re-cutting stacks of centers and activities from some of my favorite bloggers-- including Pitner's Potpourri, Classroom Game Nook, and the Polka-Dotted Teacher...

and get ready for baby!!

Our third grade is celebrating Pajama Day tomorrow with a jam-packed day of read alouds and literacy fun! My cupcake pajamas are ironed and ready!

I've got a few new spelling and science activities in the works for TPT...

But for now, it's time to get ready for a bridesmaid's weekend in DC that kicks off tomorrow night! 

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