Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

Two posts in one week!? Alert the presses! This is unheard of.

I'm doing a little experimenting as I dust off and freshen up this blog. I'm linking up with Five on Friday courtesy of Darci at The Good Life and after getting hooked after spotting Mel's at Larson Lingo--by far my favorite non-teaching blog.


Here are my five things.


One of my sweet friends is getting married in September and Sunday was her love bird-themed shower.


I visited my classroom Wednesday to introduce them to the baby Kensington and give them end-of-the-year memory photobooks I made using pictures I had taken throughout the year for our class Twitter account.


In true fashion, I baked a beachy batch for the teachers' end-of-year luncheon. I think we're ALL ready for summer.



Thursday and today I spent quite a few hours cleaning, organizing, and packing up the classroom. Shelves, sills, and walls are bare, ready for a new group and a fresh start!

 I spied many a smile this week from baby Kensington. Smiling is believed to be universal at 6 weeks, and what do you know? At six weeks, she was all smiles!

Next up, a third grade update--from April! Oy!

 Happy Weekend!

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