Friday, June 14, 2013

March on By...

I figure it's only fitting to recap the past few (quite eventful) months before jumping into our current state of affairs.

March began with happy hour froyo at Pinkberry with a teacher friend and a Celtics game with the hubs and parents.

The next day we learned breathing techniques and the stages of labor during childbirth class. The most valuable piece of information learned was that while a birth plan is wise to have, be ready for anything--something that rang especially true when welcoming Baby Mack.

Leah and I also explored Ames Nowell Park for a walk and picnic with the puppies that weekend.

Dr. Seuss's birthday and National Read Aloud Day brought a sweet reason to bake. I was also in charge or decorating reading salons throughout the school. Classes were assigned times through out the day to read aloud to their peers. What fun!

I was fortunate enough to have two baking gigs in March-- a teddy-bear themed baby shower and a St. Patrick's Day themed 40th birthday.


I also took full advantage of a snow day to whip up yet another batch...

A few teacher friends and I participated in Marshfield's St. Patrick's Day race. This girl walked and only sprinted across the finish line.

I was awfully proud of these Mardi Gras cupcakes I was asked to bake with only a few days notice.

March also brought my most fabulous "Milk and Bookies" baby shower. From decor to food to guests and favors--it was amazing. My husband and I felt an overwhelming amount of love in the form of sweet cards, wishes, onesies, strollers, blankets, and handmade goodies. Baby Mack's bookcase is fully stocked with so many classics and some titles I have never heard of! (That's saying a lot from a teacher!)

The following day was the first of six bridal showers this spring/summer. This shower was for a sweet friend I taught with last year and who I have been fortunate enough to stay in touch with. The shower was nautical themed and perfectly set in Marina Bay. So pretty.

March brought the beginning of standardized testing in the classroom. To get the kids excited and ease any anxiety and nervousness, (this was their first experience with MCAS), I created a balloon countdown. (A special shout-out goes to the hubs for blowing them up!)

Boy were they excited to pop each balloon and hear the day's special activity! We had a Beach Day, a dance party, lunch in the classroom...They LOVED it!


Beach Day
Reading and working in our every day beach chairs. Notice the added towels and shades!

To review important reading and ELA topics and phrases, students chose a term from a list to write on their raindrop. On the umbrella, they defined it, gave an example, and decorated it for our "Cloudy with a Chance of MCAS" hallway display.

The day before the test, the kiddos signed these letters to give to parents to remind them that the following day was a testing day. These letters and the "Smart Cookie" tags I used for treats the next morning are from the amazing Teacher Wife. Love her!

I offered an after-school MCAS cram session the day before testing and I focused on contractions (something we hadn't yet covered in Grammar.) We transformed into "surgeons" for this Contraction Surgery activity courtesy of First Grade Fever. The kids had a blast creating contractions using band-aids.

How excited was I to learn that contractions appeared on the test! Yay!

Here was a testing goody for the other day of testing. This testing tag (and a million other amazing printables) are at Technology Rocks Seriously!

In the spirit of Easter, we were "egged" as part of a Fraction Match Egg Hunt. After finding an egg hidden somewhere in the room, students had to find a peer that had their fraction's match. (One fraction was written numerically while the other was represented pictorially.) This idea can be used to with multiplication facts and products, common nouns and proper nouns, geometric terms and examples...the options are endless!


March wrapped up perfectly with a babymoon to Newport. (It was then that I understood why expectant moms enjoy babymoons earlier in their pregnancies. I. was. big.) While Dad-to-be snoozed, I snuck out of the hotel room to snag us breakfast. Talk about a view.

We ventured downtown for a walk and lunch. Newport will never get old.

A holiday wouldn't be the same without a little baking. I baked Easter egg cupcakes for the teachers and staff at work.  

Pinterest and a few of my favorite blogs (one being Eighteen25) inspired these Easter treats for the teachers too!

And after three days and numerous naptimes spent completing this post...

The end.

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