Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Fun and a Blog Hop

What a summer it's been! Here's a mere snippet of the fun we've had the past few weeks:

  • baking for a teacher friend's boyfriend's birthday

  • a visit from a teacher mentor I worked and learned from in college
  •  my second Finish at the 50 race on July 3rd

  • a rainy day July 4th play date
  • a stroll along the Cape Cod Canal and a pool date
  • numerous ice cream dates (which will continue Mr. Lovie!!) 
  • kiddie pool fun at Memere and Grammy's
  • a run-in with this cutie pie while leading the camp's Trailblazers group at the pond
  • more cupcake baking for our school's art teacher
  • a Trailblazing trip to the zoo
  • a teacher-friend's fabulous wedding, lawn games, and cupcakes courtesy of Sweet Mack Bakery--that's me!

  • Cupcake Club at summer camp

As you can see we have had one heck of a summer and it's not over yet!

But, I love back-to-school and I can't wait to tackle my ever-growing list of back-to-school tasks, set up my room, meet my newest kiddos....I just love it!

While I may not be doing much creating on the teacher front, (okay, none) I am happy and eager to share fabulous finds!

I recently finished prepping a few activities... Hope King's place value Base Tents activity which she has as a Facebook fan freebie here.

Camp Out...Number Style

3rd Grade Gridiron's Economics Vocabulary Mix Up (click on the picture to snag)

FREE Economics Vocab Mix Up!
Baseball Multiplication freebie from Third Grade Doodles (click the picture to snag)

My future is so bright... QR Code and Regular Writing Prompts and Activity (click the picture to snag)

And just this morning I came across this SoCal blog hop....(click the image to surf away!)

and started following a few fabulous West Coast teacher bloggers like....

Teaching... The Art of Possibility


Sailing into Second Grade


A Grace-Filled Classroom

A Grace-Filled Classroom

A Kindergarten Life for Me

A Teachable Teacher


Miss Kindergarten


Ramona Recommends

Fancy Free in 4th


...just to name a few!

Not to mention I spent an excessive amount of time gawking at Kristen's colorful organization tonight over at Ladybug Teacher Files and fell in love all over again with her fabulousness.

PTL for Teacher Pay Teachers' back to school sale this week!


  1. Always glad to read your blog and look at those decadent cupcakes. Your daughter is growing up so fast! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  2. Your cupcakes always look so good! And your daughter..that sweet face! Oh my gosh, too cute!
    Munchkins Inc.