Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello Summer!

I've had blogging on my daily to do list for days now, and on my mind for weeks.

Particularly with the recent gorgeous weather (with the exception of Arthur), I find it harder and harder to bring myself over to the computer to sit and blog. (Not to mention the comfy, cozy, relatively-new leather couch we have that I tend to pass out on after a long day of third grade and mommy duties or more recently summer camp, errands, mommy duties, house chores, daily excursions to the splash pad, local Y, play date, lunch date, playground--you name it! By 6:30/7 when Lady K is off in Dreamland, or adorably babbling to Mrs. Owl, Puppet, Lola, or Hippity, I am EXHAUSTED.

My "me" time is spent catching up on blogs, updating my third grade classroom blog for parents and families--,  finding new places to explore courtesy of mommy friends and, running when I muster up the energy, and chronicling our days on instagram @thirdgradecupcakes. Oh, and baking for my up-and-coming bakery Sweet Mack Bakery. (Shameless plug: Like us on Facebook and follow our sweet treats on Instagram @SweetMackBakery.)

Here's a snippet from the start to our summer...

  • I run my first half marathon with Kelsey, a teacher friend of mine who is getting married next weekend.

  • Mr. Lovie and I FINALLY enjoyed a movie date night. (It had been our third attempt, and well worth it.)
  •  We enjoyed a neighborhood stroll with Memere and Grammy.

  • Kensington had a play date with sweet Kaelyn in Hingham. 


  • This little girl was sickie and enjoyed a Mommy/ Daughter day at the outlets.

  • In the world of third grade we began our balloon surprise countdown to summer. Oh boy, did we have some fun!
  •  Never a dull moment during mornings with Momma...

  •  Playtime with our little family.
  • Enjoyed Kelsey's "I Do" BBQ and baked for the occasion. 

And that's only a wrap-up of the end of May!
Teacher blogger mommas, how do you do it all--they're all 25 hour/day jobs--teaching, blogging, babies! Any advice is welcome!!

Two new year's summer resolutions are to blog more consistently and make more time for me and Mr. Lovie. The school year is too often consumed by planning, grading, creating, laminating, and prepping, that I want to take full advantage of these summer months for family and Mr. Lovie. I couldn't do this ride without him.

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