Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its been awhile. . .

Its funny how life gets in the way and how you just don't seem to know where the time goes.

Last week we had some friends over for the Patriots game which was very nice--and yummy. The weekend before, we took Ellie to meet Auntie Leah at UMASS. =)

Third grade is going well. We are moving along faster in Math than we did last year which is nice. I've gotten a few very nice, sincere compliments from two now-retired teachers who have come in to assist me during my Writing block. Those were very nice to hear.

This week they finished their molecule meal menus which the principal adored. =)

We are beginning chapter 3 in Math tomorrow, appropriately learning about the Wampanoags as Thanksgiving quickly approaches, and learning author's purpose, main idea and all that good stuff.

However, today is Veterans Day and Justin and I both have it off so after a delicious breakfast date at a small cafe around the corner, we are taking Ellie to the dog park!

Ooo and in wedding news, we have our photographer and dj booked! I also have a dress appointment in two weeks! =) Yaah!

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