Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in action

With third grade over and a week off before summer camp commences, I have finallllly found a few minutes to sit (!) and type.

Let's do a quick baking recap from April, May, and June.

Marathon Monday brought chocolate-frosted cupcakes topped with fresh strawberries. (Note to baker:: decorate and allow ample time to harden before rushing on the road to take train to Beacon Street.)

April vacation brought marshmallow daisies to Lahey Clinic.

May brought baby blue cupcakes--no particular event or theme...

June brought sunshine and sunflower cupcakes.

And Field Day brought chocolate cupcakes, vanilla frosting and fresh strawberries.

A June book sale also had "sweet" results--103 books for $51!

The end of third grade went pretty smoothly.

After April vacation, a second grade student joined my class full-time on a trial period. Her writing and reading is quite advanced and there was discussion of having her skip a grade and enter fourth grade in the fall. Unfortunately, after several parent meetings, phone calls and discussions, it was decided that given the changes in her prescribed medication, attentional and behavioral issues, the large chunk of third grade instruction she had missed as well as the changing dynamics at her two homes, it was decided that she will enter the third grade in the fall, having had a jump start with my class with the possibility for an accelerated grade 3/4 curriculum.

The dynamics of the class definitely changed when she joined us. But, all in all, I had a great bunch of students and we had a lot of fun. As always, I look back at the year as a whole and consider what I might have done differently and where I can improve for next year.

In past few weeks, I attended my very first retirement party for a colleague of mine on our third grade team. While I have been very close to her and she has helped me a tremendous amount over the past few years, I feel as though she hoisted me up and has stood alongside me the past few years and has now retired, knowing I'll be all right on my own. :)

There will be many changes in our school and in our grade next fall but I am excited for all that these changes will provide us.

In wedding news...

The bachelorette party invites should arrive today--so excited!

Found, purchased and received my bachelorette party la la!

I am currently working on my lengthy to-do list which includes favors, escort cards, table tents, dancing shoes bins, sweet table, programs, guest book, menu and song list....oy vey!

A few weekends ago, Justin took me to the shooting range, and it was fun! I definitely prefer the inside shooting as opposed to the outside range, with the smaller weaponry and an easier opportunity to gauge how well, or not so well, my accuracy is. I excitedly and appropriately handled a nine millimeter and a revolver in addition to a few other hefty pieces.

This past weekend was a little bit of everything all jumbled into a few days!

Friday night I ventured to beautiful town of Amherst and spent a jam-packed day with Leah and her boytoy Matt. Friday night we hit up the Taste of Amherst which was delicious....followed by Toy Story 3 in 3D--a bit scary if you ask me.

Saturday morning we hit the kitchen and baked very yummy maple chocolate chip muffins. After breakfast we did a bit of shopping, and went to Captain Candy for pink and blue jelly beans for the wedding's sweet table--quite delectable!

Lunch was held at a quaint deli in Hadley followed by a trip to the museum! We enjoyed the Dr. Seuss sculpture garden like any children would.

Then we saw the Brick Artist exhibit! The sculptures were made entirely of Legoes--how creative!

For Father's Day, Justin, Ellie, and I went to Meme's for a very nice family and fun-filled bbq. My contribution: lawnmower cupcakes.

We ventured to Randolph for dessert to finish off Father's Day.

My week off between now and camp is going to be filled with cleaning, organizing, lunch dates, shopping, dinner dates and wedding fun! :)

I promise to update much more often given the third grade hiatus. :)

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