Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Day with the Dogs

This afternoon was spent with the dogs. Literally.

Erica and I brought our respective kids (Buck and Ellie) for a double doggy date at Sharon's dog park. The dogs played and ran and sniffed and wrestled and wandered and ran and sniffed and wandered some more. (Ellie spent more time wandering and sniffing than playing per se but she got some fresh air and has spent most of the evening on the couch sleeping.)

I tackled a few grad class assignments/ a bit of school work today knowing the next few days are busy busy busy!

Tomorrow's big event:

Ellie sees her new house and backyard for the first time.

Dad will help us change the locks on the house; We'll begin the major scrub down of the walls, windows, and floor and start yard work.

So excited to begin moving in/decorating/hosting/entertaining.

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