Monday, April 18, 2011

the Sweet Sounds of Vacation

With Marathon Monday commentary and cheering from the crowds as background noise from the tv, I am reminded of many a Marathon Monday spent on the streets of Brighton and Chestnut Hill barbecuing, relaxing, and cheering on the runners--trying our hardest to spot the BC runners and big name athletes running before us.

Talk about strength and determination.

A 5k is my marathon and I hope to be able to check that off my list soon.

April 7th and 8th, I joined a few other teachers/faculty members at the Massachusetts Reading Association annual conference and took home some free books (including a big book on fractions) and tons of great ideas ranging from publishing writing in handmade books to interactive read-alouds and shared writing. We also had the opportunity to stay over at the Sturbridge Host Hotel, and it was a nice mini- getaway with some fun girls!

We started off the weekend with an impromptu double date at the Ale House with Kerri and Steve. Because of crazy work schedules, we don't get to see them nearly as often as we'd like so dinner was a nice surprise!

Last weekend, Justin and I spent Saturday at Borderland State Park with Ellie on a cupcake picnic. We have recently discovered Britley's Cupcakes in West Bridgewater. Their cupcakes are delicious--blueberry and Trail mix being my favorite. They have some pretty unique flavors and fillings--a few I would like to try out.

That night, Kerri and I enjoyed a girls night of a veggie tray, vino, and The Black Swan--the latter being quite disturbing.

This past Thursday's writing class focused on persuasive writing, and I am so eager to put into action some of the creative writing activities we've learned in this course.

Over the last few weeks I have baked a few festive batches of cupcakes to fundraise for this year's Walk for Hunger. I'll be walking it with a few of the teachers from work. We've raised more than $100 so far!

Friday was a field tip to Plimoth Plantation and given that it was the first field trip for many of my students, they behaved exceptionally well! That night, Justin and I were invited to the Sox game against Toronto which was a nice night, less the cold and windy weather and their loss. But regardless, a nice surprise to start the weekend.

Saturday night, the girls (and my mom and a friend of hers) checked out The Paint Bar in Newtonville and had a blast painting the Eiffel Tower. It was therapeutic, and I am looking forward to returning!

This afternoon, I am meeting Justin for our final walk-through the house before our lunch date.

Hopefully by noon tomorrow, we'll be homeowners! ::crossing fingers, knees, and toes::

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