Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The one with the backpack swap and frozen Little Hug

Teachers have First Day Jitters too! Had an excited/anxious sleep last night, so I am pleased to have Day 1 in the bag!

If Mrs. Mack wrote a book it would follow a bit like this:

Chapter 1:
Operation Backpack Swap

(A boy's backpack got switched at morning recess and he realized it once the children (excitedly) emptied their backpacks of crisp, new school supplies and he did not recognize the school supplies
or snack packed inside.)

Chapter 2:
Frozen Drinks

(A mom froze a child's Little Hug juice and come snack was still frozen. Frozen sugar water does little to quench an eight-year-old's thirst.)

Chapter 3:
Where Did He Go?

(Young boy from said backpack swap left our classroom for the daycare room at dismissal. The daycare supervisor never saw him. They paged for him. He was found shortly after outside with the crossing guard.)

Chapter 4:

(We heard/found a screw in the rear left tire of my car last night.My afternoon led me to a local mechanic in town who was exceptionally friendly and welcoming and plugged the tire.)

Chapter 5:

Can't Pay With Good Looks Alone (Attempted to check out at Stop and Shop
(yayy for milk and dairy products post-Irene) without my wallet--conveniently back in the car from the aforementioned mechanic visit.)

Chapter 6: Run Like the Wind

(Ended the afternoon with a 28-minute run for Week 8 with the husband. We registered for our first 5k together--18 days away!!)

To end on a sweet note...

Tweet! Tweet! It's back to school!

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