Thursday, August 18, 2011

The one with the housewarming

The weekend of our anniversary we dined at Atlantica and ventured to Newport the next day for a rained-out sail that we will reschedule. We did make the trip worthwhile by stopping at Cupcake Charlie's for some anniversary sweets.

Monday night we made an amazing roasted chicken with scalloped potatoes and enjoyed the top tier of our wedding cake while reading guestbook wedding wishes.

Justin presented me with a navy blue scrapbook that he started using a few of his favorite wedding photos. His hope is that we finish it together. Aw. As the first wedding anniversary is paper, I took a picture of our marriage license and wedding bands, had it enlarged and printed and I framed it!

Courtesy of the amazing creativity found on etsy I had this wooden plaque made and customized to tell our love story.

The following weekend we went to Kerri and Steve's for dinner and a movie.
Lincoln's Lawyer wasn't quite what I had expected, but the company made up for it.

The next day was our official
housewarming. We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout of friends and family given that it was a gorgeous summer weekend. Some highlights from the day (inspired by pinterest) are...

barbeque cupcakes

a twist on the veggie tray--a colorful veggie bar!

color palette/ paint sample utensil pouches

our housewarming "guestbook"

"his and hers" landscaping gifts from Meme

the gorgeous flowers and plants guests gave us to "help our garden grow"

To cap off a fabulous weekend, Kerri, Steve, Becca, Danielle, Justin and I kicked off Restaurant Week at
Marliave's downtown. Delicious.

The last week of camp brought cleaning, organizing and many "see-you-next-summer"s. The Cupcake Club's finale were campout cupcakes.

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