Monday, November 7, 2011

Rush. Rush. Rush.

Too many hours have been lost (productively though) on teacher blogs the past two weeks.

While it's been a blessing getting my hands on great task cards and seasonal projects and templates teachers are more than willing to share through their blogs, and sure can become overwhelming.

We have 7845962 tasks and curriculum standards to creatively execute in a time span much shorter than we would like. Rush. Rush. Rush. Not a minute to waste! Sad really. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and second-guessing the activities we've been doing, constantly contemplating if it is the best use of our time. With new books, resources, and ideas coming at us constantly, I feel as though I am tweeking, revamping, and reconsidering all aspects of our classroom and routine. Ready to feel confident again about my teaching. Less stressing and more enjoying.

The amount of professional development that has taken me from the classroom has been both a blessing and a curse. The new ideas, templates, and philosophies peak my interest and have me reconsider my classroom and curriculum, yet it takes me out of the classroom a great deal and stresses me to no end. What's the best approach? How can I make that happen in my classroom? Are they being challenged enough? What scaffolding will they need? Should I be doing this? or should I be doing that?

With a promise to post more about life outside the classroom soon, we're off to Vegas for Pat and Daniella's wedding in 6 hours!

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