Friday, December 30, 2011

December wrap up in photos

MP holiday party: A cookie swap at the Ale House proudly co-hosted by yours truly

a Pinterest DIY favor

Oreo-stuffed chocolate-chip cookies

batch number 2 baked with Becca for her work's cookie swap--view of the outside

view of the inside of the heavenly cookie

My 26th birthday: NYAJ and the Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham with a few of my favorite girls

Radio City Rockettes: The next morning, Momma, Sarah, and I ventured into the theater district for what has started to become a December tradition. My favorite scene by far is the toy soldiers routine.

Road trip: the Ugly American in Providence with Lynn and the boys

Ornament/Beer Yankee Swap party: North Pole cupcakes for the occasion

another Pinterest find

A festive "thank you": for the aides--from Pinterest of course.

Holidays Around the World unit: condensed into 3 days. Thank you teacher blogs and! We "traveled" to England and made greeting cards, Germany and decorated gingerbread men, Mexico and made poinsettias, Israel and enjoyed gelt and learned the traditions and foods of Hanukkah, France and made buche de Noel from Swiss Cake Rolls while awaiting Pere Noel's arrival and the gifts he left in our shoes, Italy and read about La Befana and learned the names of the many gift givers around the world. I'm excited to do more with this unit next year.

Treats for my kiddos:

reindeer food from Pinterest

Festive cupcakes for the MP staff on Spirit Day/Tacky Sweater Day

Holiday break: a jam-packed vacation that included but was not limited to....

Friday: RO and her husband visited while they were in town. That night we went to Randolph for a Hanukkah/Christmas gift exchange where I was generously gifted slippers, gloves, a fabulous red mixing bowl, Birchbox voucher, cupcake ornaments, socks, a gift card for dinner....

Saturday: For Christmas Eve we brought Chinese take out to Freetown and opened a turkey fryer--we can't wait to use it. [Dan popped the question, and Sarah said yes! Wedding planning here we come!]

Sunday: We opened each other's gifts here before heading out for the day.

I got cute undies and a heating blanket--delightful! One of the gifts for the hubs was a Pinterest DIY gift-noticing a theme here? 52 Things I Love About You

We then returned to Freetown for a feast with the Wedge clan and we opened a tailgating tent, clothes, earrings...

fried turkey in Freetown

Monday: We double dated to see
Mission Impossible 4 whilst suffering a nasty stomach bug that I generously passed on to the hubs.

Tuesday: Picked up Leslie and her boyfriend at Logan, lunched, relaxed, and dined at the Fours with a few of the girls.

Wednesday: We started the day in Stoughton visiting an old roommate of ours from BC. We had lunch and played with her sweet baby Grace. Next we hit the city--starting at BC before heading to Fenway and Kenmore Square. We ventured to North Station to see Leslie's brother's new place, and then met Sarah at Sullivan Square to see her rock. We took Leslie and her boyfriend to Treat Cupcake Bar for dessert that night which proved all the more crucial as flank steak for dinner turned out to be a bust.

visiting Jen and her sweet baby

Linden Lane--one of my favorite places on BC's campus

Thursday: Relaxed around the house, picked up Mom and Leah from the T as they returned from Chicago, brought Leslie and her boyfriend to Logan for their departing flight after a less than thrilling experience in Logan's HOV lane. That night I met the hubs and friends of ours at the shooting range just in time for them to wrap up. Dinner and margs at Chilis!

Friday: Christmas Tree Shop with Mom--what's break without a stop there! Picked up goodies for our Favorite Things party in February. Excited!

Big things in 2012...I can feel it!

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