Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In wonder...

how fabulous teachers (who I have found primarily through Pinterest) do it all.

They create fabulous activities, centers, and unit plans, document the student work, post and share them in blogs daily, are already planning for January holidays all while profiting through teacherspayteachers--which I am in love with.
(I may or may not have 57 items on my wish list... :) )

This week's classroom favorite was Holidays Around the World which is a unit I am currently in love with because of the wealth of cross-curricular, creative assignments. Kudos to Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants, Sarah at First Grader At Last, and Rebecca's awesome Christmas Around the World bundle... I hope to start the unit earlier next year to incorporate more of the read alouds and craftivities.

I have a long list of long term projects, centers, and units I would love to tackle over holiday break but I'll also be realistic in my goals to relax. enjoy. and blog.

Pinterest DIY gifts, handmade etsy gifts I'm psyched about, Hanukkah love, and recent baking creations will debut shortly!

Time to bake, wrap and package reindeer food!

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