Monday, April 16, 2012

Excitements and Accomplishments

  • Hosted our first Easter dinner with Meme and Lynn
  • Experimented with a new cupcake frosting technique
  • Enjoyed a nice April date day--iMax show, lunch at the Barking Crab, and dessert in the North End...followed by yard work in the grown up
  • Biked the marathon route (!)

  • Considering a 10k and then 1/2 marathon!?

Plymouth's Run to the Rock 10K....??
  • A new classroom layout--bye bye desks, hello tables!
  • MassCue presentation with Coaks next fall at Gillette?
  • A cupcake gig for a bridal shower
  • a wedding-filled Summer 2013
  • Biggest Loser progress..8 pounds to go...
  • Painting the bedrooms upstairs...
  • lawn makeover
some day, right? :)

  • Everyday with the hubs. so. lucky.

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