Saturday, May 17, 2014

What a difference

I'll be honest. 

I hit a rough patch last fall, and had an awfully difficult time seeing far off in to the distance to June.

Each day was a challenge, and I longed for Friday. Weekends were a physical break from the classroom, but hardly a mental break. The challenges and anxiety consumed me. I wanted to do it all. I wanted to be the doting wife, loving mom, attentive daughter, thoughtful sister, and talented teacher. Yet I felt constantly defeated and craving a few more hours in each day.

It took time.

It took talking.

It took patience.

It took perspective.

It took the support of my family and friends.

It took hormones to get back in balance. 

And what a difference. 

I now look forward to my classroom. I look forward to my kiddos, their silly stories, their handdrawn illustrations, their homemade crayon candles. I look forward to the crowd of kiddos around me with questions, anecdotes, stories, and concerns. (Okay, maybe not that crowd that follows me at the start of the morning bell...)

But I'm having fun again. As odd as it seems, I knew I was feeling better when I started baking again, when I started crafting, when I took time to see friends again.

I'm back.

And here's a peek at that fun I've been talking about..

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