Wednesday, March 2, 2011

work hard, study hard, play hard

February seemed to rush out in a tizzy, and March blew right in!

I have truly embodied the mantra "Work hard. Study hard. Play hard." the past few weeks.

Third grade has been fabulously productive, and fun!

Two graduate level classes (Teaching Writing Through Nonfiction and Math Coaching) sure are keeping me busy.

And the greater part of my February break sure was spent playing hard--cupcake deliveries, lunch dates, dinner dates, city shopping, BC reunions, country concerts, breakfast with the hubby--a rare occasion, and simply relaxing.

Blog, I apologize for not providing you with more of the love you so deserve. Please forgive me. I shall come again very soon--this weekend in fact. With lots of juicy details and pictures.

I shall close on the sweetest note of all.

spring cuppycakes for Dad's Lahey Clinic allergy lab

still smiling for the camera

Devil's food cupcakes, whipped white frosting topped with
Hershey bar shavings and a raspberry

a batch of "Vacation-May-Be-Over-But-

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