Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Currently: Short and Sweet

On a bright and sunny Thursday, here's a positive spin to a 3:45am wakeup....

Of course I would've loved a few more hours of sleep--especially with school starting in a little under 2 weeks. (!!) But I'll be honest, I did miss the munchkin. I ventured out last night with a few teacher friends to do some back-to-school classroom supply shopping at Lakeshore. (Fun but overwhelming, for sure! That's a post for another time!) Post-shopping we dined out at Stone Hearth Pizza and capped off the night with build-your-own cupcakes at Treat Cupcake Bar. (Thank you Mr. Lovie for the night out!) But I missed Miss K. Her spontaneous smiles. Those cheeks. Her sweet "talking." And those cheeks!

And, when she does wake up in the middle of the night/early morning, there's a good chance she'll nap for a substantial time (read: an hour or so) in the morning.  And voila-- I have a few minutes to pump, shower, eat breakfast, straighten a few things up around the house, run the dishwasher, prep laundry, catch up on a few Bloglovin' posts and maybe squeeze in a quick post of my own! (Several of those tasks being completed simultaneously, right Mr. Lovie??) :)

Excited to link up with Farley for my first Currently.

 (I'm only just noticing my typo under wanting and wishing I had edited it better! It's not an easy fix so I've got to let this one go. Better editing next month!)

*I am in love with all things Ladybug Teacher Files! I love how bright and bold her collection is--not to mention it will all match! Click here to check out her fabulous Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Miss K is awake! Time for cuddles and a walk!


  1. Hi I found you from the Currently Link up and came over to repay your visit:) I couldn't help but laugh about the sounds of your husband's game in the background:) My husband does the same but somehow I've convinced him to mute the sound - lol
    Looks like your busy too!

  2. Hi.. I found you on the Currently link up!
    You're so lucky to be going to the ZBB concert. They are one of my favorites! I am also a country girl at heart. You want UGGS and I want a new pair of Toms. I hope we both get the shoes of our desires :) Happy B2S

    I am your newest follower!

  3. Wow! You have a Lakeshore close by!? Ours is an hour away, and I usually seek them out when I go on vacation! (They are always close when I am out of town...weird huh?!) Lakeshore is nearly addictive! Good luck with your school year! Em