Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday: Back-to-School Freebies and Baby Outtakes

Are you following me on Instragram? No!? You totes should. While I may not blog every day or even every other day, I manage to sneak some "me" time in every day to chronicle my life on Instragram--just another creative outlet I have been drawn to--be it shots of the babe, Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day, third grade happenings, flashbacks, sweet deals and buys, baking creations, or daily excursions.  So follow me @thirdgradecupcakes if you don't already. 


Beyond the day-to-day mommy responsibilities of snuggling, reading, entertaining, feeding, soothing, rocking, bottle prepping....I attempt to tackle a daily to-do list that often includes neighborhood errands, laundry (about every other day), emails, thank you notes, birthday cards, prep for an upcoming bridal shower or baby shower, household organization (baby clothes, sorting and rearranging my clothes, sorting baking toppers and accessories into organizers, creating a gift wrap station downstairs, rethinking the unused contents of the linen closet)...

If and when that is accomplished and the baby naps, I selfishly choose between pumping, showering, school prep, reading, BlogLovin' (for fear my unread items will creep beyond 99...), Pinning, Instragramming (Is this even a word?) and chronicling our daily happenings or the aforementioned household organizing. I'm finding it hard to sit and devote solid time to create, format, tweak, and perfect activities that could hardly be shared or sold alongside the likes of the fabulous Hope King and Amy Lemons! 

So while I have not found much time to sit down and create lessons, activities, and units from scratch for TPT recently, (where is the time!?) I have stolen a few minutes here and there to print, cut, laminate and prep a few fabulous activities and back to school goodies from a few of my favorite teachers and bloggers.

So here is my Five on Friday 


What better way to welcome back-to-school than with a photo shoot and these adorable {free} printables from A Blissful Nest, found at Living Locurto

(Click on the image to take you to the printables!)


 Another back to school goody I did last year and will be sure to do again this year is Shenanigans in Second Grade's Hope King's fabulously colorful tag and sunglasses found on Amazon. The kids loved them last year, and I'm excited to use them in a first day photo shoot. 

(Click on the first image to take you to the printable. 
The photograph of the shades will take you to the product page on Amazon.)



Third grade math begins with number sense and place value. Here's an I Have Who Has game from Math Coach's Corner that I am in the process of cutting, gluing, matting, laminating, and re-cutting. 

(Click on the image to take you to the {free} printable!)

I'm looking forward to starting the year off with this Back to School iPhone from the very talented Katy at Stickers and Staples

(Click on the image to take you to the TPT product page!)


I have been in love with Pitner's Potpourri's fabulous math and literacy activities for a long time. I'm trying to get ahead as best I can, so I am tackling a large pile of fall/Halloween themed activities now. I'm in the process of prepping this fun literacy activity. 

(Click on the image to take you to the {free} printable!)

And on a personal note, this week marked a few milestones around our house...

Miss K turned 3 months old...

 (I love her face in that one!) 

 (Really, Momma? This bunny isn't even real...)

And, the hubby and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary yesterday. The traditional gift is leather so he opened up a love note in a leather journal and tickets to next week's Patriots game bookmarked within. (Because football's are made of leather...Duh. Just go with it. :) )

What will our fourth anniversary bring? 
What milestones and everyday joys will we experience in the coming year?

No matter what, I've got my very best friend by my side.


  1. First, your daughter is beautiful. Getting Patriots' tickets is a milestone, for sure!